Health Care Reform - Obama's Health Care Plan

On March 23, 2010 Barack Obama made history by signing the HealthCare Reform Senate Bill H.R. 3590. Although this $938 billion dollar healthcare reform bill was signed (yes, that's right... with 20 pens), it still has a long way to go prior to implementing it's legislation and moving forward.

Much of the 2,700 pages of this health care reform bill refer to how most of the legislature will be "To Be Determined." This reform has been in the making for nearly 100 years. Nothing in Obama's healthcare plan will happen overnight, but eventually some of it will be implemented up through the year 2013. was created to help the entire United States of America understand Obama's health plan, and the options that are currently available. Pre-existing conditions, guaranteed plans, age 26 availability on employer's group health insurance are just a few of the burning topics. We are here to assist you! Contact us today for more information.

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To qualify for HIPAA guaranteed health insurance, you must first exhaust and pay for a minimum of 18 months of COBRA. For more information, visit our COBRA insurance page.